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Prime Contract No.: HHSN316201200163W

PMC, LLC was recently awarded a prime contract under the new CIO-SP3 Government Wide Acquisition Contract (GWAC), IDIQ from NITAAC. CIO-SP3 can be used by any federal, civilian, or DoD agency to fulfill a wide range of IT solutions and tasks. With a $20B ceiling, CIO-SP3 allows for streamlined planning, acquisition and deployment of large-scale IT program requirements. The CIO-SP3 vehicle is valid for ten years.

Period of Performance: 07/15/2012 to 07/14/2022

More Information: CIO-SP3

IV&V Task Order Support Services – Nuclear Regulatory Commission

This BPA past performance provides professional IV&V services in support of NRC system development, maintenance, and IT planning and program management activities. This contract also supports the NRC in conducting independent baseline reviews of project planning activities and ensures compliance with quality assurance standards, OIS processes, and applicable NRC and federal standards and regulations. The contract is available to all NRC elements nationwide.

PMC has been engaged in a multi-year task order under this contract to provide strategic and program management support to NRC’s Office of Information Services (OIS). The focus of this task order has been to enhance the business value of OIS within NRC by better aligning IT and information management service offerings with business partner needs and priorities, rationalizing the service portfolio, improving service cost management and delivery methods, customer relationship management practices, as well as both internal and external communications.

PMC has assisted Agency executives in designing and implementing a structural realignment of OIS designed to improve customer focus, simplify and streamline operations, overcome functional silos, and contribute more decisively to business partner success. PMC has provided organizational development, strategic planning, business case development, service cost modeling and analysis, business process improvement, and communications consulting support to OIS executive and leadership teams over the course of this multi-phased service management initiative.

GSA IT Schedule 70 Contract

Prime Contract No.: GS-35F-0438S  PDF (138KB)

The GSA IT Schedule 70 is an indefinite delivery, indefinite quantity (IDIQ) contract administered by the Federal Supply Service of the General Services Administration. This GSA Schedule is open to all U.S. federal government agencies throughout the world. Additionally, the E-Government Act of 2002, Section 211, authorizes GSA to enable states and local governments to utilize this GSA Schedule. Any agency of the U.S. Government may take advantage of Schedule 70 task orders to secure products and services in a variety of skill areas including systems analysis, design, and installation; programming; and integrated logistics support. Products and ordering information on this GSA Schedule are also available on GSA’s online ordering system.

DOE IT Support Services (ITSS) Contract – Subcontractor

Provides support for enterprise IT requirements for the DOE IT Infrastructure and for a broad range of IT management and applications software services for DOE organizations. The ITSS Contract is an IDIQ contract that is available to all DOE elements nationwide, including Management and Operating (M&O) Contractors and Laboratories.

FSS Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA) – National Institutes of Health (NIH)

This BPA is for IT Services and Management Services based on our GSA IT Schedule 70 contract.  The BPA is available agency-wide.  There is a $500,000.00 dollar limit per order.

Total Information Processing Support Services (TIPPS-4) – Treasury Department

This Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) contract provides a broad range of IT support services for the Department of the Treasury, IRS, Treasury Bureaus, and other federal agencies. The IRS will be the primary user of the contracts to provide the full range of information processing support services for project and program level support. The contract, recently awarded, has a period of performance of one base year and nine one-year options.

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