WorkplacePMC hires outstanding individuals and provides them an atmosphere of education and innovation and continuing opportunities for employee growth.  Collaboration and teamwork are key factors in the high quality products and services we deliver to our clients. Our flat management structure vests each employee with the responsibility and authority to help our clients solve their problems.

PMC provides a collegial environment for its employees. We respect our colleagues’ talents and work ethics. We enjoy their wit and humor.  We support one another as we balance professional and personal obligations.

PMC provides flexibility to balance work and family priorities. We have fulltime and part-time employees.  In addition, employees can flex their schedules and/or work from home when they need to accommodate personal commitments.

At PMC you won’t find the bureaucracy that characterizes most companies today.  The excessive amounts of paperwork and endless approvals don’t exist here.  As a result, you’ll be more productive and able to satisfy your client faster.

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